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A cat litter rating changes depending on the source. We've done some research to determine which are the highest rated litter brands. After reviewing our ratings please provide us with your experiences by filling out the form below.

Cat litter is usually made from one of 7 materials (clay, sand/silica crystals, wheat, corn, pine, baking soda and newspaper). Additives are sometimes included in the mixture such as perfumes to mask odor or carbon to absorb odor..

We prefer litter that is unscented since cats are sensitive to smell. The highest rated litter is "Dr Elsey's" since it is low in dust, clumps well for scooping and is unscented. The only downside is that like all clay litter it is not biodegradable or flushable. Good alternatives are The "Worlds Best Litter" and "Swheat Scoop" which are biodegradable and flushable.

Each litter type has pros and cons. If you do not scoop daily and odor is a big problem, you may choose a scented litter or one of the other choices such as Arm and Hammer, Fresh Steps and Tidy Cat.

Fill in the comment form below to help other owners choose the best litter. We will incorporate your comments into the cat litter rating.

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Material Description

Cat Litter Rating

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra (our favorite clay litter)

Clay For cat owners who want a medium grain clay in a clumping, low tracking litter. It features a larger, denser particle that stays in the litter box and that keeps moisture from reaching the bottom. It clumps very hard and will not break apart. Unscented.

99.9% Dust Free. Hypo-allergenic, contains no plant proteins. All Natural. Good for sifting/mechanical litter boxes.

Note that this brand of clay cat litter may be the best litter for your cat, but it is NOT biodegradable or flushable. It needs to be thrown out in the trash. If it was biodegradable we would rate this litter an A.


World's Best Cat Litter Original Formula


Made from all-natural, whole kernel corn traps and absorbs urine and ammonia for exceptional odor control. Flushable and septic safe. Biodegradable. Superior clumping. Easy scooping. Long lasting. Low tracking, silica dust free. Ideal for self-cleaning litter boxes.

Unscented, Safe for cats and kittens. Silica dust free. Clumping action rated 8 out of 10 by Charlotte Magazine.


Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter  (our highest cat litter rating) Wheat

Safe, fast clumping litter is made from naturally processed wheat. Biodegradable, certified flushable, safe for kittens, safe for declaws, safely digested, and guaranteed ammonia odor free. Low track formula is virtually dust free.

Best clumping all natural litter according to "Charlotte Magazine" rated 9 out of 10.

Feline Fresh Clumping Natural Pine Cat Litter Pine

Flushable, scoopable, naturally sterile and biodegradable, this Feline Fresh litter is made from 100% pure Southern Yellow Pine, which completely eliminates litter box odor.

Clumping action rate 5 out of 10 stars by Charlotte Magazine resulting in our B+ rating.

Arm & Hammer High Performance Clumping Cat Litter Baking Soda Arm & Hammer High Performance Clumping Cat Litter is a natural alternative to clay-based cat litter.

Is a 100% Scoopable Litter With Virtually No Dust. Delivers Complete Odor Control With ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda to Destroy Odors on Contact. Biodegradable. Not flushable. Not recommended since product is scented.
Not Rated
Cat's Pride Natural Scoop Clay

Features a natural botanical ingredient derived from fruit and vegetable extracts, delivering safe odor control.

Hypoallergenic, Low-Dust Formula
Maximum Clumping Action clay traps moisture quickly and forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop out.

Natures Miracle Crystals Crystals

These crystals made from sand absorb moisture in seconds, leaving the surface dry to the touch and trapping odor inside to keep the box fresher. Simply remove solid waste every day to keep the box clean. Crystals often last longer than traditional clay or clumping litters and may reduce the frequency of littler box changes.

Not Rated
Fresh Step Clay and/or Crystals This product uses carbon to absorb odor. We would recommend trying the scoopable version. Not Rated
Jonny Cat Natural Clay Features a natural botanical ingredient derived from fruit and vegetable extracts for odor control. Allergen free, no perfumes or dyes. Low levels of dust.

Good clumping action.

Not Rated
Scoop Away Free Clay Tight clumping action and maximum odor control without any perfumes or dyes.. 99.9% Dust Free Not Rated
Tidy Cats Clay or Crystals Tidy Cats Scoop® is the only brand to offer Tidy Lockâ„¢ Technology. Moist litter locks together and hardens over time, forming crumble-free clumps that make everyday scooping easy. Virtually dust-free litter granulescontrol odor. Not Rated

Yesterday's News


Yesterday's News® Original Formula Cat Litter is a solution for those who seek a cleaner, non-toxic alternative to clay cat box fillers. Yesterday's News® brand litters use a special process that utilizes recycled newspaper to create distinctive pellets. The litters are virtually dust-free, with no small particles to track around the house.

It is unscented, more moisture absorbent than clay, non-toxic and designed for low tracking.

Not Rated

While there is no official cat litter rating agency, the best advice is that provided by cat owners like yourself. Please help others by filling out this form with your experience. We will adjust each cat litter rating based on the feedback we receive.


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