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The Cat Health Guide provides information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of common feline illness. We believe informed owners are a cat's best friend.

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Cat Losing Hair? Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | Cat Health Guide

Causes and treatment of hair loss in cats. Understand the symptoms, causes and treatment options available.

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Cat Bladder Health: Care Tips

The cat bladder is effected by infection, bladder stones or cancer. Treatment is to address the underlying problem with natural and conventional therapies.

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Ask a Veterinarian Online for Free

Ask a veterinarian is a service featuring free online veterinarians who are standing by to answer questions .

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Cat Lion Cut: How to Video and Examples

How to do a Cat Lion Cut. Instructional video featuring a Persian cat and step by step instructions for doing a cat lion cut at home.

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Arthritis Cat Treatment

Arthritis cat treatment guide. Read about the various conventional, environmental and natural treatment options for helping treat feline arthritis.

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Removing Cat Urine from Carpet Guide and Video

Tips for removing cat urine from carpet. Video instructions for removing feline urine from carpets including the cleaner to buy, home remedies and advice for removing stains and odor.

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Long Hair Cat Care Guide to Grooming Mat Removal and Care

Guide to long hair cat care. Tips for grooming, brush selection, mat removal, hairballs, health and care.

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Cat Claw Cutting Instructions and Tips

Step by step instructions for cat claw cutting. Learn how to trim cat toenails and how to select a cat claw clipper for your cat now.

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Bump on Cats Stomach

Reader Question: Cat Missing Hair on Stomach My cat has two round circles of missing hair. Inside the circles are a little brown spot, which looks like

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Guide to Heartworms in Cats: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms and treatment of heartworms in cats. Learn about feline heartworm, medications, and respiratory symptoms related to heartworm exposure (HARD).

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Feline Uterine Infection

Feline uterine infection. Read about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of uterine infection in cats.

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Cat Arthritis

Cat Arthritis Guide. Learn about the symptoms, diagnsosis and treatment of feline arthritis.

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Kittens Eyes have Matted Up

Reader Question: There are some kittens that have a lot of matter around their eyes. They close up and we have been taking a warm damp cloth and trying

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Cause of Benign Nose Tumors In Cats

My 14-year-old male cat has benign tumors in the nasal cavity and one ear. What is the systematic cause and what vitamins and herbal supplements can

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Metamucil For My Cat

After reading about the Metamucil I ground up some All Bran cereal and mixed it in a high quality wet food - 1 tsp of ground bran to 1 tsp wet food - for

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Tidy Cats and Fresh Step Clay Litter

I have cared for neighbor's cats and cats in a shelter. I don't like these litters because they has a high dust content when poured. They are good at clumping

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Litter For Cat That Wets Paws

Reader Questions: Help! We have tried 4 different cat litters but so far nothing that will not stick to her paws as she likes to play in her water dish.

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Problem With Precious Cat Litter

Reader Question:I have been using Precious Cat Litter for many years. I feel it is getting worse & worse for quality about tracking-dust-holding odors.

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How to Diagnose a Kitten Eye Infection

Reader Question: How to Treat A Kitten Eye Infection I found a kitten with her eyes sealed shut with a green substance. I took her home, washed her eyes

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Skin Problem Break Out Around Cat Eyes

I noticed the hair falling out & small sores around my cat's eye. It has occurred in past few days. He is 14 yrs old & Siamese-Persian mix. It does not

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Could this be ringworm?

Reader Question on Skin Sore Followed By Suggestion From Our Vet My 6-month-old male Ragdoll cross has a scabby sore on his shoulder blade. Most days it's

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My Kitty Sasha Has Back Sores

Reader Question on Back Sores Followed By Suggestion From Our Vet I rescued my kitty Sasha when she was only 2-1/2 weeks old and she has given me 7 wonderful

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