How to Protect Your Kitten From Fleas: Home Remedies and Medicines that Work


Every pet owner would want to keep their pets in the best condition so that they suffer less and thrive better. But when kittens get infested by fleas, it can lead to blood loss and other ailments.

If you feel that your kitten might be suffering from fleas, it is necessary to address and resolve it. Pet owners should bathe them and use flea combs that are safe for cats. Since fleas have a rather complex life cycle, they don’t need to live on kittens to survive as larvae, pupae, and eggs. When they are in these stages, they can reside in your yard and your home as well.

Pet owners should ensure that their kittens are free from fleas or, when once affected, they should look at remedies that treat the same. In this article, we will look at some of the best home remedies and other treatments to ensure your kitten isn't affected by fleas.

Useful Guidelines to Secure Kittens from Fleas

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Pet owners must manage the presence of fleas in their homes and the immediate environment. One of the best ways is to wash the bedding in soapy water, which can curb down the transfer of fleas to cats. However, if your feline friend is already infested with fleas, you need to consider a few additional things to resolve this.

Here are a few solutions that will work:

Refrain From Using Essential Oils

Cats aren’t able to process specific compounds. Several types of essential oils might prove to be toxic for cats, despite you using them at low concentrations and doses. Several natural flea treatments make use of essential oils that are effective against fleas. Therefore, to search for the best flea treatment by using essential oils, you need to contact your veterinarian and get their guidance.

Opt for a Flea Comb

Pet owners have realized that flea combs are effective in removing fleas from a cat’s fur. Is your cat fluffy? If yes, then it can be of great help for taking out fleas from their undercoat. Even though this method is useful,it won’t eliminate every flea present in the cat’s body. Alternatively, you can also use this product to determine whether your cat has fleas or not.

Medicated Products

The flea collars for cats act as a flea repellent. As long as a cat is wearing this collar, it wouldn’t allow fleas to flock nearby. These collars offer as much as 6 months of security, and after that, you might have to replace them.

The Seresto collar for cats is a scientifically formulated flea and tick prevention collar that pet owners can select. It uses two synergistic actions of two vital ingredients, namely imidacloprid and flumethrin. These two ingredients work together to offer security against fleas for almost 8 months.

The collar releases these two ingredients in a controlled and sustained manner over a cat’s neck and their surrounding fur. This mechanism is what brings in a permanent efficacy of the collar, offering ongoing security against tick and flea infestations.

According to PetCareRx, leading providers of this product ensure that the collar is water-resistant and functions well even when it comes in contact with any form of moisture. It guarantees constant protection, irrespective of the cat’s environmental conditions and activities.

Flea Medications

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Cat owners can opt-in for both OTC and prescription flea medicine for cats that can treat this issue. It comprises the flea chewable and topical. The former is best defined as chewable medications that the owner gives to their cats and the effect lasts for as long as the cat is having the medicine. On the other hand, the latter is a liquid medication that gets applied on the skin of the cat where they won’t be able to lick it off.

Cedar Chips

Fleas get repelled by the fragrance of cedar chips. Also, a few cats don't have an affinity for this smell. But you have an option of spreading cedar chips in and around the cat’s bedding or even outdoors in your lawn or garden. It will help to curb the flea infestation to a huge extent. Make sure that you don’t use cedar essential oil because it can prove to be fatal just in case your cat ingests it.

Say No to Products That Have Permethrin

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Cats aren’t able to process a few chemicals and drugs which dogs and humans can. That means these substances might prove to be harmful to cats even when you try to use them at a low dose. One such drug that cats can’t process well is permethrin, which is available in several flea medications.

Therefore, when you are opting in for OTC drugs, ensure that it doesn’t have this ingredient else your cat can suffer manifold. Make sure that you read the medicine labels well. Some cat flea medicine might not be suitable for kittens, even though it works well for your grown-up feline friend. It is always best to ask your veterinarian for guidance if you aren’t sure about the safety of a medicine. 

Attend to Your Yard and Home

Many people believe that fleas stay on pets. They are everywhere and stay until they have something else to target. It means you will find them in your home and yard as well. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to opt for cat flea yard treatment and home sprays to ensure that you get rid of the fleas that might be lurking around. Furthermore, use a vacuum cleaner to clean your home so that you can eliminate fleas as much as possible.

To sum up, pet owners must ensure that their cats stay free from ticks and fleas. And while selecting a medicine, they need to exercise caution because what works for dogs and other pets might not work equally for cats. To ensure that your cat stays free from any flea infestation, it is necessary to arrive at a blend of home remedies, medicines, and medicated products.