Sore Spots Under Matts

Picachoo, a rescue cat, went to the vet with severe matts under the matts was sore spots oozing green. Vet shaved her and gave Covenia for infection, and an anti inflammitory. She also tested for yeasty ears and cocci in her ears. Ears were blackened thick and had scabs on them or some sort of sloughing off of tiny pieces of skin and hair.She received Tresaderm for that.

Several days later I noticed little tinny scabs on the edge of the sores. They healed nicely then I noticed some of the scabs got bigger and black, when they healed there was a bald spot. Allergy shot worked for 10 days and Tresaderm works as long as it is used, but then ears get bad again when I run out of Tresaderm. Vet believes it is a food allergy so we have her on a venison food limited ingredient food.

She also had a very high liver panel, 950!! Which means we didn't do a dental on her. Vet suggested we get her on SAM-e which we did. She is now on 5 mg prednisone 1/2 tab every other day. She is 15, but eats plays and goes potty like nothing is wrong, with her. She also just finished Zeniquin. I give her a Tablespoon of kifer a day.

I just ordered some holistic items for her. Probiotics, enzymes for her immune system, salmon oil. Her ears are hot to the touch. I am sending pics of her too. These appear to begin with small red spots turn clack then get to be bigger round sores. I have her covered in Diatomaceous earth which helps immensely with her scratching.

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It sounds
like you and your vet are taking several steps to manage Picachoo's various health issues. The use of Convenia and an anti-inflammatory for the infection and inflammation, as well as the Tresaderm for her ear issues, are all common treatments. The fact that the allergy shot provided some relief suggests that allergies could be contributing to her condition. Trying a limited-ingredient diet is a reasonable step in identifying and managing potential food allergies.

Regarding her high liver panel, it's great that you have started her on SAM-e, as it can help support liver function. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that can help manage inflammation and other immune-related issues, but it's important to follow your vet's recommendations on dosing and duration.

The additional supplements you've ordered, such as probiotics, enzymes, and salmon oil, could help support her overall health and immune system. However, it's crucial to consult with your veterinarian before starting any new supplements to ensure they're safe and appropriate for Picachoo's specific needs.

As for her ears being hot to the touch and the sores you've observed, it's essential to keep in close contact with your vet and provide updates on her condition. They may want to reevaluate her treatment plan or explore other possible causes for her symptoms.

Diatomaceous earth can provide some relief from itching, but be cautious when using it as it can cause irritation if it gets into the eyes or is inhaled. It's essential to use food-grade diatomaceous earth and apply it carefully to avoid these risks.

Again, only your veterinarian can provide a specific diagnosis and next steps. It's wonderful that you are so proactive in taking care of Picachoo's health.

Editor and Publisher
Cat Health Guide

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