Review of Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Cat Litter

by Marie
(Clovis, CA)

Dr. Elsey's Ulra Precious Cat Litter is working better for this reader than Feline Pine Pellets

Dr. Elsey's Ulra Precious Cat Litter is working better for this reader than Feline Pine Pellets

I was using the feline pine pellets, taking out the solids and putting the rest in the green waste (sawdust remains) for recycling. However, a few weeks ago I went to put some leaves in the green waste and ended up with sawdust litter waste flying up into the air all over me.

I decided to try another brand. My husband didn't like stepping on the pellets barefoot either. At the store I looked the cat litter brands over and decided to try Swheat scoop. It wasn't bad. I kind of liked it because I could still recycle it in the green waste, It was easy to clean out the box, but it did track. The real problem was that my cat Chloe (I have 3 cats) has a digestive tract problem and it appears that the newest round of vomiting w/ blood and diarrhea was due to the wheat (she eats a grain free food).

I went back to the store and after much debate I settled on the clumping pine. I thought it would be like the wheat. I didn't realize it was actually sawdust. After two days there was litter all over my house. I returned to the store and after even more debate settled on Dr. Elsey's Ultra cat. It was 99.9% dust free so I thought it would be easier for me and my lungs when I had to deal with the box.

So far Dr. Elsey's is clumping well, better than Sweat scoop. There will be much less waste to deal with because with the feline pine pellets I was completely changing the box 2-3x a week, but at least the pine pellets were recyclable or if you prefer just plain biodegradable.

What I don't like about Dr. Elsey's is how much it tracks. It doesn't track as much as feline pine clumping because it is heavier and drops of the cats paws sooner. I wish there was a non-tracking, biodegradable, hypoallergenic litter (unscented of course).

I guess I am just left with trying to figure out how to keep the litter in the box. I don't like having to sweep around the exit to the box all the time.

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