Cat Eye Diagram

"Cat eye diagram. Conditions and diseases that impact the cat eye include viral infections (Feline Herpesvirus-1), Bacterial Infections (Chlamydia) and Fungal Infections. Minor conjunctivitis or pink eye can be caused by allergens, chemicals or a foreign object in the eye such as an eyelash."

Many types of diseases impact the feline eye. The term that describes all types of redness or inflammation in the eye is Conjunctivitis or Cat Pink Eye

Feline Conjunctivitis has multiple causes including:

Viral Causes of Cat Eye Infection
   Feline Herpesvirus (most common cause)

Bacterial Cat Eye Infection
   Chlamydia (2nd most common cause)

Fungal Cat Eye Infection (not as common)

Other causes of feline eye diseases and conditions include:

Cat Cataracts
Feline Glaucoma
Cat Eye Injury

There are multiple other Cat Eye Problems that are less common.

Feline Eye Diagram

cat eye diagram

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