Cat Pink Eye

"Cat pink eye in most cases is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It could also be caused by minor causes such as wind, allergens for an eyelash in the eye. Treatment involves flushing the eye adn using medicated eye drops in the case of infection."

Cat conjunctivitis or pink eye is a fairly common ailment in cats. It is an infection of the eye which is characterized by redness and inflammation. In most cases it is caused by the viral infection Feline Herpes Virus. The next most common cause is the bacteria chlamydophila. Fungal infections are possible but rare.

Environmental factors can cause eye redness such as wind, allergens such as pollen (follicular conjunctivitis) and foreign objects such as an eyelash.

If your cat is in pain then it is usually due to other causes such as keratitis (inflammation over the colored portion of the eye - the iris), uveitis (inflammation of the inside of the eye behind the cornea) and glaucoma (high blood pressure in the eye).

If this condition is left untreated it could lead to blindness.

Symptoms of Cat Pink Eye

As the name suggests, cat conjunctivitis causes the covering of the eyeball to take on a pronounced pinkish color. In addition, the eyelid and surrounding area may become swollen and inflamed. There may be a noticeable discharge from the eye. Your cat may have difficulty opening her eye or blinking normally.

Diagnosis of Cat PInk eye

If the pink eye is only in one eye then your cat is probably suffering from a virus such as Feline Herpes Virus (FIV). If the condition is in both eyes then your cat is probably suffering from a bacterial infection.

Your veterinarian may take a sample to view under a microscope.

Treatment for Cat Pink Eye

If the pink eye is mild, and any discharge is clear and watery you may be able to treat the condition at home using a solution designed to irrigate the eye. Your should call your veterinarian for a consultation and possible visit if you see no improvement in 24 hours.

If the pink eye is more severe such as crusty eyelids or signs of mucus, then you should seek veterinary treatment. It is important to seek treatment if your cat has symptoms of pink eye because untreated, it could lead to vision problems.

Treatment for more severe cases involves keeping the eye clean and applying antibiotics throughout the day. The type of antibiotic drop changes based on the underlying cause.

If your cat frequently suffers from mild conjunctivitis you might want to research a natural remedy such as Eye-Heal which is made specifically for the natural treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis.


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