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Strange White Skin Lumps On Cat

Reader Question:> Are cat skin lumps a cause for concern? My one year old black and white Tom cat has 4 very small 'lumps' on his head which appeared

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Cat Drinking Too Much Water and Urine is Discolored

Reader Question: My cat's urine is brown, what should we do? Hello, I rescued a Persian cat who had been found hanging around a local restaurant, she

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Change in Litter Box Sign of Cat Urinary Tract Infection

My female cat Sophie is going to be 16 years old this spring. She was treated this past summer for a urinary tract infection. I always use the same brand

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How to Treat Cat Scabies

Reader Question: How to treat feral cat scabies? We have feral cats at our church. A strange cat who was diseased (looked like your pictures of scabies)

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Causes of Cat Urination Outside of Litter Box

Reader Question: Helping a Cat that is Urinating Outside the Litter Box Our 15 year old male cat has been urinating everywhere including beside the litter

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Treating White Worms in Cat Stool

Reader Question: Are white worms in my cat's stool maggots or something else? Good afternoon! Our cat is a 15 year-old neutered male with IBS and intestinal

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Fresh Step, Tidy Cat

Fresh Step is extremely dusty, and is also strongly scented. I would not recommend it for any house with an asthmatic cat or human. Tidy cats pours out

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Caring for a Cat with Herpes Virus

Reader Questions: Feline Herpes Hi, my story and questions are about feline herpes. About 6 years ago I adopted (he adopted me actually) a beautiful,

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Diagnosis of Cat Hair Loss

Reader Question: What conditions can cause cat hair loss? I have two black cats who both suffer from hair loss. The older cat has loss mostly on her fat

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Treatment for a Cat Cold with Stuffy Nose

Reader Question: How to Help a Sneezing Cat with No Nasal Drainage Hello, my 10 year old over-weight cat has been sneezing frequently for the past couple

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Treating Fleas on my Indoor Cat

My 5 yr old cat and her sister both have more fleas this summer than ever before. I was alarmed at the amount and the small open circles from her biting,

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Small Growth on Back of Cats Neck

How to Cure a Small Growth on a Cat Neck I just noticed last week that my 14 year old spayed cat has a small bubble like growth about the size of a pea

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Is Cat FIV Contagious

Reader Question: Is it safe for a FIV positive cat to be around other cats? Hi Kaley, My name is Kaley, I have worked at my local SPCA for more than

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Cat With Severe Anemia

Reader Question: How can you help a cat with chronic anemia> At a veterinarian appointment to have our cats nails trimmed, the Doctor noticed her gums

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Cat Hair Loss Not Responding to Frontline

Reader Question: My three year old cat has increasing alopecia down the right side of her body, including her back legs. The skin is smooth with no lumps,

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Recurring Skin Infection in Cat

Reader Question (followed by some suggestions from our Veterinarian): Hello, I have a 6 year old male, neutered cat. I adopted him when he was 6 months

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Cat Losing Hair Causes, Solutions and Treatment

Problems with a cat losing hair in patches, on ears or belly? Read about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of cat hair problems (called alopecia).

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Persian Cat Limping with Paw Discoloration

Reader Question: Help for a Limping Cat My Persian is nine years old she showed signs of an injury six weeks ago. I took her to the vet who did X-rays

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Itchy area around Cat Eyes and Under Chin

Reader Question: Are allergies to blame for a cat that is rubbing the eyes or itch? My cat rubs and scratches the corners of her eyes and the skin looks

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Cat Bad Breath and Increased Thirst

Reader Question: Cat Bad Breath Treatment My 10 year old male cat has a very foul breath. We have bought a special toothbrush and tooth paste and brush

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Cat Water Behavior

Some cats play with water, while others do not. Learn all about cat water behavior

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Cat Bladder Infection: Signs and Treatment

A cat bladder infection occurs when bacteria enter the body and travel up the urinary tract to the bladder.

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Cat Bladder Health: Care Tips

The cat bladder is effected by infection, bladder stones or cancer. Treatment is to address the underlying problem with natural and conventional therapies.

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