just bought a home and there is a cat urine smell

I will try the lemon juice and white vinegar I put hydrogen peroxide on the vinyl flooring today and have not been to the house to smell if it worked. I have my own cats and they are box trained and we move in a week to our new home with the smell of someones neglect of their pet. I had no idea the smell was hard to get rid of when I bought the house thought it would go away I am going to clean this until I die HELP!

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Jun 10, 2009
cat spray/urine odors
by: Anonymous

The only thing i found that works for me so far is the powdered deoterizor you sprinkle and or shake all over your capets, leave it for 15min then vacuum away, works the best. i just adopted a one year old cat and it has not been nutered like my other one. (hensce the cat pee smell problems!)

Jun 03, 2009
try charcoal
by: Anonymous

hello, i have had indoor pets for years..when i travel out of town for my job, i usually pay someone to clean up after my babies...well you know how that goes...after hurricane katrina, with the animals, 3" of water in the house, and a freezer full of fresh shrimp, and no electricity for 32 days, believe me that was a smell....we tried lemon, vinegar, bleach (which i'm allergic to) but we finally got most of it by getting some charcoal and setting piles out on paper plates around the house. we changed this out every couple of days for about 1week...we did use cheap brand or else you will spend $$$...this even got the shrimp smell out of my new freezer...if this doesn't work try onions...good luck...

May 29, 2009
Natures Miracle
by: Jeff

I've had good luck with the
Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover
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If the home remedy doens't work, try this one.

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