Uveitis in Cats

"Uveitis in cats is one of the most frequent feline eye problems. In many cases it is the result of an underlying virus. Treatment involves topical medications to reduce pain and inflammation. Diseases that may have caused the condition need to be treated as well."

The uvea is the part of the eye that supplies blood to the retina. Uveitis refers to the inflammation of the uvea which cause the leadage of protein and blood in the eye. If left untreated the condition can lead to glaucoma and cataracts.

Between 40% an 70% of uveitis cases are caused by some other condition in the body. Leading causes of uveitis include:

* Feline leukemia virus
* Feline AIDS virus
* FIP virus (corona virus or feline infectious peritonitis)
* Retrovirus (feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus)
* Toxoplasmosis gondii
* Bartonella
* Feline Herpes Virus
* Unknown cause (called idiopathic uveitis)

Picture of Feline Uveitis

Feline Uveitis Picture

Symptoms of Feline Uveitis

Symptoms of uveitis include:

* Redness in the eye
* Watery or tearing eyes
* Sensitivity to light or squinting (photophobia)
* Winking due to eye spasm (blepharospasm)
* Eye hemmorage (bleeding in the eye)* Reduced vision
'* Pain
* Eye color change
* Puss

Diagnosis of Uveitis in Cats

Diagnosis is based on the clinical signs found during examination with a ophthalmoscope, a device used to look into the back of the eye.

Your veterinarian will examine eye pressure (high pressure is associated with glaucoma), particles in the eye and muscle strength.

Treatment of Canine Eye Uveitis

Topical medications are prescribed to treat the pain, inflammation and any infections that may exist. Your cat will be monitored to ensure that any excessive eye pressure subsides and infections are treated.


Uveitis of the Cat Related to Systemic Diseases
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