Renal Cat Food

"Renal cat food is needed when renal problems in cats require nutritional management as part of the prescribed therapy. This is usually done in two ways, i.e. if the cat renal problem is in the initial or middle stages, renal feline food is formulated to interrupt the progress of the disease, while in cases of latter or “end stages” of cat renal diseases, diet is adjusted only to improve the quality of the affected cat’s life. In either case, the ratio of different nutritional components such as energy level, proteins, fats, minerals, antioxidants etc are adjusted according to the pathogenesis (progression) of the renal disease, which is generally termed as renal food for cats. A Veterinarian must be consulted when selecting the right commercial cat food for cats with feline renal failure; to ensure that quality and the requirements of the affected cat are considered, which is based on the stage of renal disease."

Importance of Renal Cat Food:

Renal problems in cats are some of the most complicated urinary tract problems. Renal insufficiency and failure of the nephrons in the feline kidneys leave a cat with a poor prognosis, and if the nutritional components are not adjusted at the time, ultimately death may occur within weeks.

By adjusting different dietary components, the progress disease can be slowed down and the cat's quality of life can be improved. In fact, cat food for feline renal therapy is a generally preferred method for treatment/management of renal diseases in pets.

Goals of Renal Cat Food/Nutritional Modifications:

Dietary therapy for cat renal or cat kidney problems through modification of regular food can help to achieve different goals. These goals are:

  1. Fulfillment of energy and nutritional requirements of the patient.
  2. To reduce the affects of clinical symptoms and alleviating uremic (retention of waste in the bloodstream) intoxication
  3. To maintain the mineral, vitamin and acid-base balance in body that is being disturbed by the feline renal problems
  4. To slow down the process of renal failure feline or cat kidney failure

Components of Renal Cat Food:

A good source of commercial diets for cat renal disease is Ohio State University on available cat kidney diets. When visiting the site, choose cat as the species, and select the option for reduced Phosphorous/Protein. Note that most commercial foods suggested require a prescription.

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