Free Cat Stuff

"Free Cat Stuff and ideas for your cat are sent to us all of the time. Here are some of the better ideas we have seen."

We hear about free cat stuff and other ideas all the time. Our editors review each one and include the most interesting ideas and websites here. The one criteria is that they have to appeal to cat lovers like us.

Natural Supplements and Natural Health Solutions

Pet Alive Natural Supplements
PetAlive offers a range of herbal, homeopathic and nutraceutical remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by dogs. Treatment for typical conditions can often be safer and more effective with the use of herbal and homeopathic treatments, avoiding the often debilitating effects of pharmaceutical medications. In our search and by word-of-mouth referral we came to know and appreciate the expertise, experience and dedication of Michele Carelse, the Clinical Psychologist behind PetAlive products.

Sites About Passionate Cat Owners

All About Cute Kittens - The purr-fect guide on how to raise fit and frisky cute kittens. Kitten care. Kitten training. And so much more.

Free Quotes for Cat Health Insurance

is the #1 pet health insurance company in North America. They have many plan options starting with kitten, all the way to plans to protect older cats.

Pets Best Health Insurance
Protect your pet by protecting yourself against unexpected dog health expenses. Pets Best offers some of the most attractive dog health insurance plans in the industry with prices that fit just about any budget. Veterinarian's often want to be paid before you treat your pet. With Pet's Best this will no longer be a worry. One of best free dog care ideas.

Cat Breed Information

This website has all sorts of information about floppy Ragdoll cats - specifics about their breed and much more!

Tirtham Cattery

Cat Breeder Information

Introduction to Cat Breeding - A plain English guide for a budding cat breeder, or even an accidental one.

Cat Gifts and Free Cat Stuff

Cat Lovers Gift Guide
This site provides you with cat lovers gifts ideas for any occasion. Gift ideas include cat jewelry, cat furniture, cat toys, cat art, and much more. It also includes cat-related articles.

Cat Information and Free Cat Stuff

For Your Dog

All Natural Dog Treat
All natural dog treats will help keep your pet stay healthy. This site provides recipes, articles on pet health and a dog photo gallery. You can also order grooming products for a healthy coat and healthy dog treats.

Diseases and Conditions Canine Skin - Information on common dog skin problems and other common diseases

Dog Eyes - help for dog owners regarding canine eye and other illnesses.


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