Feline Lymphoma Symptoms


Feline lymphoma symptoms are common to many other ailments. They include:

There are several forms of lymphoma depending on where in your cat's body the disease is occurring:

Lymphoma in the Chest Cavity (Mediastinal Lymphoma)

Cat lymphoma symptoms in the chest include:

Lymphoma in the Digestive Tract (Alimentary Lymphoma)

This type of feline lymphoma occurs in all of the organs that move from from the mouth to the time they move through your cat's anus such as the intestines. It usually is seen in older cats. The lymphoma might be in one or multiple locations.

If the lymphoma is in the gastrointestinal tract (GI lymphoma) then feline lymphoma symptoms can include:

These symptoms usually last for a long time (chronic). Symptoms can be confused with a problem in the intestines such as a blockage or a condition called peritonitis (a rupture of a tissue mass).

Your cat may not have signs of vomiting or diarrhea.

Feline Renal Lymphoma (lymphoma in the kidneys)

Symptoms of feline renal lymphoma mirror those of feline kidney failure. These include:


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