Feline Diabetes Prognosis

"Feline diabetes prognosis is generally good since the being overweight is thought to be the most common trigger. Once your cat is back to a normal weight, the diabetes could actually reverse itself.."

The prognosis for cat's with diabetes is generally good. If you catch the disease early and closely monitor your cat, then your feline should live a healthy life for years. In some cases it is even possible for the diabetes to be reversible, meaning your cat many not need treatment.

The likely prognosis is based on if the cause of the diabetes. If you can, then the prognosis is generally good. If your cat contracted the disease as a reaction to medication such as glucorticoids or hormones, then it is possible that the diabetes can be reversed. The same is true when the diabetes is caused by being overweight. Once the weight comes within a normal range, the disease will either improve or reverse itself. This could take weeks or years.

When the cause of the feline diabetes cannot be identified, then your cat may need insulin injections or an oral medication for the rest of his or her life.

Cats with diabetes should be seen be a veterinarian in intervals of 2 to 4 months. Also, if any type of medical issue develops, it will require a trip to the veterinarian since changes in your cat's condition may cause the insulin injections to be less effective.

It is not likely that a cat that is receiving treatment will get worse (unlike people) as long as you actively monitor blood glucose levels and stick to the insulin regimen.


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School of Veterinary Medicine


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