Cat Urine Cloudy

"Cat urine cloudy can be a sign of kidney disease, bacterial infection such as a problem in the urinary tract or even a toxic substance that your cat ingested. Bring a sample to your veterinarian for evaluation."

Cloudy feline urine (called turbidity) and other signs in the urine can be a sign of problems with your cat's health.   Normal urine is usually completely transparent. If it is cloudy in color it can suggest the presence of several things:

cells - white blood cells in the urine which indicates a bladder or urinary tract infection

casts - mall fibrous objects formed from materials that collect in the kidney tubules and are washed out by normal urine flow

crystals - little pieces of crystal, some made of calcium (calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals and hippurate crystals) that can cause irritation in the kidneys,

Cloudy Urine Symptoms

If cloudy urine is accompanied by other symptoms then it could indicate that your cat has another problem. The most likely health issue is a urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include increased frequency of urination, urinating outside of the litter box, and straining to urinate.

If you suspect a problem ,bring a sample of urine to the veterinarian within 2 hours of it being collected from your cat. Refrigerate the urine if you are not immediately leaving for the vet after collection. It can be difficult to take a urine sample. The easiest way is to:

1. Buy a sterile container from any pharmacist or drug store.

2. Clean your cat's litter box.

3. Fill the litter box with a non absorbent material that your cat will not reject. This is easier said then done. Consider something you can buy in an aquarium store such as plastic pebbles or aquarium rocks.

4. After urination, drain the litter box into the container, record the time and refrigerate.

Cat Urine Cloudy Diagnosis

Depending on what your veterinarian finds in the urine will indicate the nature of the problem.

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Possible Causes

Cells (red or white)

Injury, trauma, bladder stones (cat uroliths), infection, tumor (neoplasia), parasites, blood clotting problem (coagulopathies). 


Urinary Tract Infection


Kidney injury


Anti-freeze poisoning (sometimes cat lick puddles in the street)

Cat Urine Cloudy Treatment

Treatment for cat urine cloudy depends on the cause. If you cat as a urinary tract infection then your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics. If this is a frequent problem you might want to consider a natural supplement such as PetAlive UTI-Free Formula for cat urinary tract infections.

Kidney problems usually require some type of dietary change. If you suspect poisoning call your veterinarian immediately since anti-freeze is very toxic.


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