Cat Constipation Natural Remedy

"Cat constipation natural remedy can be an effective way to help your cat. Like constipation in people, simple changes like adding fiber to the diet can make all of the difference."

There are several natural remedies for cat constipation. Holistic veterinarians recommend several products to help with this problem. These inlcude:

Probiotics: These products are used by people, often in yogurt to add regularity to the digestive system. Probiotics are now available as a supplement for cats to help the stool become softer. One product to resarch is Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics.

Diet: Try to provide your cat with a diet that contains at least 7 to 13 percet fiber. Preferably buy an organic food that has raw ingredients and as little processed food as possible.

Olive Oil: Adding a tablesppon to your cat's food several times a week can help keep bowel movements regular.

Water: Provide water where your cat likes to stay in your home. Cat's tend to get their water from food and will not go out of their way to drink.

Exercise: Stools can become impacted if your cat isn't excersising enough.

Herbal Remedies and Biochemic Salts: There are several supplelments that are associated with helping with bowel movements. Thse include:

One product that combines all of these ingredients and is a good source for additional research on natural approaches to constipation is PetAlive Natural Moves.


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