Cat Allergy Vaccine

"Cat allergy vaccine is currently not available on the market. As of January 2009 Phase II clinical trials are being conducted. Upon successful completion of the tests, field trials will begin."

Cat allergy vaccine as of January 2009 is currently under study and is in clinical trials. It is not available to the public. You may have heard about a vaccine called CatVax in 1991 from a company called Immulogic. Other names included Allervax Cat. This company went bankrupt and was acquired by a series of companies that chose for commercial reasons not to move forward with the project.

In 2008 cat vaccine research Phase II trials were conducted up by a company called Circassia. The good news is that the trials are showing some success.

The cat allergy vaccine works by minimizing the human immune system response to the proteins that are found in cat allergens (cat dander). The vaccine is manufactured using parts of these allergens.

Cat Vaccine Clinical Trials

Circassia is currently conducting clinical trials for human cat allergy treatment. Circassia's ToleroMune technology is in phase II clinical validation using a vaccine made from cat dander. According to the company the "clinical trials show that ToleroMune can reduce skin reactions after just a single dose and may induce tolerance to cat allergens after just 4 administrations."

Based on the positive results of this 2008 cat vaccine study the company is planning to field test the treatment when the trials end in April 2009.

If you would like to track the progress of the current cat vaccine trials, here are the details:

Track Progress Of Cat's Vaccine Trials

Study Start Date August 2008
Estimated Study Completion Date April 2009
Estimated Primary Completion Date April 2009
Study ID Numbers CP002
Study First Receieved August 4, 2008

Last Updated

Jauary 5, 2009

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Canada: Health Canada

Focus of Cat Vaccine Study:
Cat allergy
Environmental Exposure Chamber

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Immune System Diseases


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