Bladder Cancer Feline

Bladder cancer feline is most commonly called transitional cell carcinoma. It is very rare. Survival depends on where in the bladder the cancer is located and whether it has spread to other parts of the body at the time of diagnosis.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Cat bladder cancer symptoms include difficulty urinating, frequent need to urinate while passing only small amounts of urine, blood in the urine, straining to defecate, and difficultly breathing. The reason so many symptoms affect urination is because tumors of the bladder can block the opening of the bladder so that urine cannot exit. This can become life-threatening.

Cat Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Most of the symptoms above can be attributed to a urinary tract or bladder infection. That’s the first thing your vet will look for when you take your cat in for an examination. When it is determined that your pet does not have a bladder infection, your vet will have to look further for a diagnosis.

A number of tests will be required in order to diagnose bladder cancer feline and to determine the type and extent of the cancer. Tests include:

Bladder Cancer Feline Treatment

Cat Bladder cancer treatment can consist of several things. Sometimes a single approach is used, and sometimes a combination of treatments is prescribed.

For small masses that are confined to the bladder, surgery may be advised. However, bladder tumors are often in locations that are not amenable to surgery.

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for bladder cancer in cats. Chemotherapy consists of a combination of medications designed to kill cancer cells. There can be a number of side effects, such as vomiting and hair loss, just as humans experience when going through chemotherapy. However, most cats tolerate chemotherapy quite well.

Radiation therapy can be used, but has not been found more effective than medical treatment alone. In addition, cats do not usually tolerate the radiation therapy well. Medical treatment seems to work best.


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