Cats With Black Hair and Skin Problems

by Taun Tastic
(West Virginia)

Black Hair Cats

Black Hair Cats

I have owned numerous cats and dogs with various hair types and colors. It seems common that my short, black-haired animals all suffer from skin irritation from time to time.

My short, black-haired dog use to lose hair around tail and back of her lower legs. it looked dry and irritated, but no other symptoms.

I have had two short haired black cats who have suffered the same ailment, one losing hair in the same areas as the dog. the current cat seems to be reacting to fleas more viciously than my other pets and medicine only seems to make it worse.

These occurrences have always happened at different times, and my two black cats have never been in contact, as the first passed years before the current came to live with us.

Is there something about animals with short coats and black hair that makes them more susceptible to skin loss and irritation?



Veterinarian Comment on Black Hair Cats and Skin Conditions

Hi Taun,

Interesting question. I suspect the recurrent problems you’ve been having with your pets that have short coats and black hair is simply a coincidence. However, a pet’s fur does act as a barrier between its skin and potential irritants in the environment. It’s not uncommon for animals to develop a condition called irritant dermatitis only on the parts of the body that are sparsely haired (e.g., the armpits or groin). If your pets have had extremely short or thin hair coats, a similar situation might be occurring.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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