Stop Spread of Cat Mange

by Amy
(Pinewood, MN)

What to do about the stray cat that is living in the basement of a house I'm looking at buying. It is getting in through a hole under the foundation.

it is really skinny, visible sores and bald patches. After I fix the hole, are my pets (2 dogs) at risk? Could they get it from just being in the yard where the cat has been? What precautions or cleaning advice for getting rid of the parasite in the basement and that lovely cat urine smell?

Cat Health Guide Editor Suggestion Regarding How to Stop Spread of Cat Mange

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your question. Please be sure to call a local humane shelter to take care of that poor stray cat.

Regarding your dogs, if the cat's problem was caused by mange, your dog's could be at risk. It is important to thoroughly clean any indoor rooms where your dogs will live to prevent any mites from moving onto your dogs.

I suggest using an environmental spray that is designed to kill cat or dog mange mites such as Benzarid. It will kill mites and fleas in indoor areas. It is pet and child safe when dry. BenzaRid is made from benzalkonium chloride, a chemical which is commonly used by surgeons to wash up prior to surgery.

To keep your dog's mite free outdoors, instead of treating the entire property, you can use a natural remedy called Mange Mite Spray, which is sprayed on your dog's coats before they go outside in order to repel mites. As natural remedy it is safe for your dog. For outdoors, the insecticide Ortho Max Lawn and Garden Insect Killer lists mites as one of the insects it will kill, however, it may not be necessary; start with the indoor approaches first.

In terms of urine smell, many readers swear by Natures Miracle as the best approach. It was also selected by Good Housekeeping Magazine as their top pick. A popular home remedy is a mix of hot water and white vinegar. Here is a helpful guide of cat and dog urine home remedies to remove urine odor.

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