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Scoop Away - too dusty
by: HeidiSnow

I used Scoop Away from 2003-2012 because it had the best odor control. It's always been slightly dusty, but the dust is now extreme. I tried all the clumpable Scoop Away types, but they are all too dusty now.

The company told me that the box(es) I bought must have had troubles in transit to the store - you know, shaken/broken up to cause more dust. Funny how that could happen here in Texas when I had no trouble in Germany. The litter had to travel overseas to get to me then - it definitely should have been a little shaken up by the time it reached me.

I'm really sad about this because it is still the best odor wise. I just can't handle the entire spare room/cat room being in a constant clay dust state. Am still looking for the new "perfect" litter.

Too Dusty
by: Anonymous

I agree. Everything in my laundry room is covered with dust.

Next litter will be a different brand.

Can't be good to breathe this.

I am glad I am not the only one!!
by: Anonymous

I have been use Scoop Away for many years. It does have the best odor control. I would try different kinds and always so back to Scoop Away. I thought I was going mad, the dust is out of control! It is making my whole house dusty! I know it is not good for me to breath in or the cats either. I am currently trying a wheat variety, but the boys only used it once. Meanwhile I still have the dusty stuff wrecking havoc! It's sad because it was so good.

Why did they have to go and change it?

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