Need Help!!

by Jules

We have been refurbishing our (huge) garden over the last two years. We have got to the end of the garden and had a patio put down with a begoda above it. There is a waist high embankment at the very back which smells strongly of cat urine (which is not very nice as its an eating area!)

We have two cats - so its partly them - and the strays seem to be using that area too. We plan to add plants but before we do we need to know how to get rid of the awful smell...?!

Someone advised cayenne pepper but it burns cats noses and we don't want to hurt them - just to get rid of the smell and to deter them. Should I be putting orange peel over the area? Its a fairly large area.... maybe buy some orange oil?

Any help much appreciated

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Mar 06, 2015
The scent of moth balls repels cats
by: Anonymous

I had unwelcome stray cats messing in my yard and i found a home remedy that really repels them. The scent of moth balls repels cats. I filled small mesh bags with moth balls and I hung them in the bushes along my entire property line. Of course the moth balls are toxic if ingested and my sachets of moth balls were super securely fastened so that they wouldn't harm the cats in any way. The scent of the moth balls lasted almost all summer long. Knee high nylons or trouser socks can be used to hold the moth balls. As needed the sachets can be refilled and used all year long.

Jul 11, 2009
get your cats away from ?
by: Anonymous

if you let a dog wee around the area you want the cats to stay away from. the cats will not use that area because of the dogs sent stays and you will not notice any smell your self from the dog wee. only the cats can smell it. it will last about 2 weeks then repeat with the dog. it has worked for my garden the cats go next door now.
hope this helps you in some way with your problem.

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