Long Hair Cat Matting Problem

by John C. Rice
(San Antonio, Texas)

Our older long-haired female cat started having matting of the hair along each side from front sides back to the tail.

I back brush every day but the matting is close to the skin and is very tight. Some of the hair has pulled away from the skin, but is all rolled up.

I even tried to cut some of the matting away with scissors but the results aren't the greatest.

What else can I do?

John C. Rice

Vet Suggestion Matting Cat Hair Problem in Older Long Haired Cat

Dear John,

Cat hair matting in the area that you describe is a common issue for older cats. Often the underlying problem is spinal arthritis, which makes twisting to keep themselves well-groomed in this area painful, but anything that makes a cat unwilling to groom can do it.

It would probably be best to take your cat to a groomer who can safely shave the cat hair matts away without cutting her skin. Once the matts are gone, regularly brushing your cat should prevent them from returning.

If your cat does have arthritis, nutritional supplements like Dasuquin or a herbal preparation such as Muscle and Joint Support can sometimes help.

If they don’t do the trick or your cat is acting like she doesn’t feel well in any other way, talk to your veterinarian.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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