Urinary Blockage in Male Cat

by Vanessa
(Fairview, Pa)

My cat, Baggins was leaking urine which I knew was not normal. But he ate food and drank alot of water..which I thought was ok. \

Then he disappeared and I couldn't find him for six hours..having put out fresh food and looking..needless to say I panicked.

I finally found him hiding in the basement surrounded by a puddle of urine and he was soaking wet with it. We called a pet hospital and they weren't open until the morning, so having rinsed Baggins off and wrapping him up in a towel we were off to the hospital.

My worst fears were related to me after 45 minutes of waiting..Baggins has a urinary tract blockage and will need surgery. The staff and doctor at the Pet Hospital in Erie. Pa. couldn't have been nicer! They allowed us in to the surgery while they opened up up the blockage. What a relief to see him sleeping under anestetic and not in pain or uncomfortable.

He will be going to another hospital tomorrow to recuperate and spend at least 5 days there but when he comes home and he is better it will all be worth it.

It could have been a very different story if I didn't research online..we could be digging another grave instead of thinking of his return. I just buried my 14 year old cat a week ago..and was not ready to do another.

Pay attention to your cats, watch them, they have their way off letting you know when something is wrong..my baggins told me..in his own way!!

Editor Comment, Cat urinary blockage

Dear Vaneeza,

Thank you for sharing your story about how to detect a cat urinary blockage.

You make an excellent point. Know what is normal for your pets – both their behavior and their physical characteristics – and you can pick up the early, subtle changes that often indicate trouble is brewing.

The sooner you address a pet’s health problems the better!

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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