Treatment for Cat Ringworm in Multi Cat Household

by Judy and Vet Cat Ringworm Treatment Suggestion
(Southern CT)

Poor little ChaCha with possible case of Cat Ringworm

Poor little ChaCha with possible case of Cat Ringworm

Reader Question on Treatment of Cat Ringworm in Multi Cat Household:

Just adopted a third cat - 11 week old long haired kitten. One day after we brought her home a dark spot appeared above her eye and then it started turning red and area affected got larger.

The Vet did a culture and we are waiting to see if it is ringworm. Day later we found a red patch on te other side on her ear so we are treating both with micronazle drops twice a day.

Does this look like ringworm? How long will I have to isolate her from other two cats and three dogs? Picture attached taken right after vet plucked the hair follicles...

Vet Suggestion on Cat Ringworm

Hi Judy,

It certainly could be cat ringworm. The lesions sound pretty typical, the fact that it seems to be spreading fits, and kittens are very susceptible. Hopefully the fungal culture will give you a definitive diagnosis.

Isolation is extremely important. Dealing with one cat with ringworm is tough enough, just imagine what three would be like!

I would keep your new kitten isolated until the hair has started to regrow at all of the lesions and when you haven’t seen a bald spot for at least a week. To be extra safe, your veterinarian could perform a “toothbrush test” when it looks like it’s time to end the quarantine. This involves combing your cats fur with a toothbrush then poking the bristles into fungal growth medium and evaluating anything that grows.

Be aware that it can take several months for a ringworm infection to be completely eliminated. Follow your veterinarian’s treatment protocol, decontaminate the kitten’s environment using a vacuum, hot washer/dryer, and bleach solution on hard surfaces that can withstand it, and watch for lesions on people and other animals in the house.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Feb 18, 2012
Natural Cure for Ringworm
by: Judy

Forget all the drugs, dips and shampoos and just pull apart one capsule of black walnut hulls and mix in canned cat food at each feeding. It can even be taken by humans if the ringworm is passed from cat to owner. Works very quickly to completely clear up the problem and should be 100% cured within 10 days. I've used this natural method during the 20# years I did cat rescue.

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