Treating Cat Kidney Disease

by David
(Great Britain)

Around five weeks ago I noticed my cat had a clear watery discharge from one eye.This spread to both after about 3 days, so she went off to the vet, she was given a tube of cream to run 5mm onto the lids. This didn't seem to work, so back she went a week later and started a one-week course of antibiotics, this didn't work either.

So the vet said let's do a blood test, which came back with high liver enzyme levels. An X-ray and ultrasound showed and enlarged liver. In the meantime my cat has been ever increasingly off her food and has lost weight. It is now difficult to get her to eat and she is drinking lots.

I'm very worried as she has not eaten well for 2-3 days now. Prawns work if you catch her mood just right. Any advice/thoughts are welcome I'm afraid I might be loosing her.

Veterinarian Suggestion Cat Kidney Disease

Hello David,

Based on your description, I am also worried about your cat. When a cat stops eating for any reason, the body responds by mobilizing its fat reserves and sending them to the liver where they can be broken down and utilized for energy.

When large amounts of fat are mobilized too quickly, the liver becomes overwhelmed, fat is deposited in the liver, and the organ stops functioning normally, which leads to an increase in liver enzyme levels in the blood. I am concerned that this laboratory finding may be an effect of an as of yet undiagnosed, underlying disease.

Even if liver disease is your cat’s primary problem, it can be difficult to diagnose and treat without a thorough work-up, including liver biopsies. If your veterinarian cannot continue her work-up, it may be in your cat’s best interests to be referred to a specialty practice or veterinary school.

Ask your veterinarian if he or she thinks referral is appropriate. Self-referral is also an option, though you should make sure you take along copies of all your records to avoid unnecessary test duplication.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Mar 27, 2013
Diabetic cat
by: David

Thank you for your reply, I would just like you and your readers to know that after two/three weeks of pretty sleepless nights and trying to get as much food down our beloved cat (trying all things fishy and smelly) she was diagnosed as being diabetic (she's not over weight by any means at 3.3kg and 14 years old, so don't be fooled by a slender cat not being diabetic).

After a slow start and gentle increase levels of insulin we have her pretty stable. I self test her bloods every week or so to check we have her on the right amount and things currently seem ok. It's a bit of long slow haul to get to a point where normality returns. The big deal and a MUST is to get your cat OFF of biscuits they are the root cause of high sugar levels that lead to diabetes and 14 years of being lazy and just chucking biscuits in her bowl twice a day caused it.

Give your cat tined meats and hopefully it'll keep him/her away form needing injections twice a day.

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