Train Cat to Bury Feces

by michele agnew
(dawson creek, b.c.)

How can you train a 2 year old cat to cover their feces in the litter box?

Editor Suggestion, Bury cat feces in litter box

Hmmm, I’m not sure that you can. This isn’t really a problem, at least from the cat’s point of view, but I assume that you are concerned because of the sight/smell of uncovered feces.

If you are using a small or covered litter box, it is possible that your cat feels like there just isn’t enough room to move around and bury the poop. Perhaps trying a larger, uncovered box, like an under-the-bed sweater box or a storage tote that has a hole cut in one end could help.

Or maybe your cat just doesn’t like the feel of the litter when he digs. Switching from clumping to non-clumping litter (or vice-versa) or even to one of the pelleted types might do the trick in this case.

Beware, however, that making major changes in your cat’s litter box might cause him to reject the box entirely and “go” elsewhere. If this happens, you might long for the good ol’ days when uncovered feces were your only problem.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jan 11, 2011
use garden to bury feces
by: Anonymous

My cats go in the garden to do there feces and bury it. We have trained them.

Feb 03, 2011
You don't know much
by: Anonymous

When a cat doesn't bury their feces it's typically their efforts to show dominance or have they scent smelled. You can train your cat by showing them dominance. We've had they problem with the older of our two cats. You have to catch them immediately after they have done it. Forcing them (without hurting them of course) to bury it. It took a couple of times, but finally the cat started to bury he feces again. She does this periodically like when we first got the other cat, had a roommate with a dog and again right before the birth of our child. She thought she could prove she was alpha, but once you show them they are not the problem goes away. I have heard people say you shouldn't do this with cats but I disagree completely! Our cats are well behaved, friendly and cooperative compared to friends cats that pretty much run the house. Cats ARE trainable and if you do it right in combination with you love and affection they will not just fear you but respect and love you!

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