The Worst Cat Facial Skin Wounds I’ve Ever Seen

by Pam
(Bronx, NY USA)

We feed and take care of some stray cats outside. This one male cat came around with what looked like a HUGE bite on the entire side of his face. A HUGE scab was over a good part of it,but, you could see raw. bloody, and oozing areas around and under the scab.

About a week later now, part of the scab is dangling (only a very small part ). Underneath the scab is still raw, etc. But, it seemed to have progressed to the top of his head also.

We thought he was in a fight with another animal. But, now that it progressed to another area, we think it could be a skin problem A TERRIBLE one.

It's not as though we can catch him and take him to the vet. Even if we could nobody has the money for it now.

None of the pictures on your web site even resemble his problem. ANY ideas?

Vet Suggestion for Skin Scap and Infection

Hello Pam,

I think your initial thought of some sort of traumatic wound is probably the most likely cause of the skin lesions you are describing. Tomcats tend to get wounds around their heads from fighting with other cats. Often these wounds become infected and form an abscess that when bad enough can damage a lot of skin.

As long as you don’t see skin problems on parts of his body far removed from the initial lesions, other types of skin problems (e.g., mange) are less likely.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Mar 29, 2014
Treat Cat Wounds with Saline!
by: Anonymous

Treat any cuts into the skin with saline!!! I wear contacts, so I always have some. I have soaked a clean sock or small towel with the saline and gently places on cuts to any cat I've seen with an injury. Strays and my own. It clears up the nasty looking massive wounds within a few days of beginning the saline. Place on wound long enough for the saline to cover the entire areas and continue once or twice a day until it is cleared up. Please don't leave any animals with wounds like this!!

This is easy and works very well to nix infections and heal wounds.

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