Strange White Skin Lumps On Cat

by Pet Parent Sarah with Veterinarian Suggestions

Reader Question:> Are cat skin lumps a cause for concern?

My one year old black and white Tom cat has 4 very small 'lumps' on his head which appeared yesterday. He has one at the base of both ears and one on both sides of his head. They look like small seeds coming out of his skin. He also has pigmented skin (brown) on the stretched skin between his eyes and ears. I'm assuming this has been caused by the sun as he is an outdoor cat.

Are both these things normal?

I'm thinking about taking him to the vets on Monday but don't want to if its nothing to worry about.

Really hope you can help.

Thank you.

Suggestions from our Veterinarian when you see cat skin lumps

Hi Sarah,

It’s hard for me to say what might be going on with your cat’s skin without having the chance to examine him. The pigmentation that you mentioned might be a normal reaction. Cat skin will often darken like this to protect itself against many different types of irritation. The lumps are a bit more concerning, however. They might be something as benign as the kitty equivalent of pimples, but they could also be a sign of infection, parasites, foreign material trapped in the skin, etc.

As long as your cat is feeling fine (eating well, active, happy, etc.), it should be safe to give this condition a day or two to resolve on its own.

Cleaning the area with a dilute povidone-iodine solution (e.g., Betadine) might also help. If, however, your cat’s skin looks worse or fails to improve within that amount of time, a trip to the veterinarian would certainly be advisable.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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