Sore Above Cat’s Eye

by EM Loveman
(Miami, FL)

Close up of sore

Close up of sore

My 10-year-old Persian Cat (female) developed a sore over her left eye. About 4 months ago I noticed a small pimple like sore over her eye. It has continued to grow (see images) over time. The sore doesn't seem to have an affect on her behavior. I can touch it, and she doesn't recoil or indicate any pain. She doesn't scratch it or rub it. Her eating habits are the same, and she is playful and seems happy.

Is the sore a major problem, or a pimple or wart or such, and will go away on it's own. Or is this something I can treat myself with peroxide, a hot compress, or ointment. I don't have a regular vet as my previous vet (who was a personal friend) moved out of the country. If you think the problem is severe, although the animals behavior doesn't point to that scenario, I'd appreciate anyone's input.

Thank you,


PS, The cat appears to have scratched the sore last night, and there is a bit of dried blood at the site, however, nothing else, including behavior and appetite has changed.

Veterinarian Suggeston: Cat Eye Sore Treatment

Hello Em,

Most skin masses with an appearance and history like you describe are benign, but there is no way to be sure without removing it and sending it to a pathologist for identification. As long as this surgery is performed when the mass is very small and before complications (e.g., infection) arise, it is quite simple and easy to recover from. I suspect that if this mass was going to resolve on its own, it would have done so by now.

Removing the mass now and having identified is a “win-win” situation. If it is benign and completely removed, treatment is over. If it is a more aggressive lesion, you and your veterinarian then have the information you need to plan appropriate treatment when it is most likely to be successful.

I understand that your previous veterinarian is no longer available, but it would be best to develop a relationship with a new doctor sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be desperately looking for a veterinarian in the middle of a health crisis.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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