Recurring Cat Bladder Infection

by Mary Cox
(Spruce Pine, NC)

My 4 yr.old male cat was being treated for a bladder infection after 50 Baytrils I ask my vet to do someting else.

An x-ray was taken which showed no stones or any other problem. A urinalysis was performed and came back with rafts of epithelial cells present. My cat was put on pain medications and 2 tablets of cosequin per day. This helped for about 2 weeks but now he is back where he started {frequent trips to litter box and dark yellow urine).

Another call to the vet and was told to continue the treatments with Coseguin and pain meds. I feel like we should move on to other treatments, but I live in a rural area with only one vet.

Could you help?

Editor Suggestions regarding Cat Bladder Infection Treatment

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your question and sorry to learn about the tough time you are having with treatment for a cat bladder infection.

Bacterial cystitis or bladder infection in cats always requires a definite diagnosis before specific treatment is initiated.

X-Rays, urinalysis, culturing of a urine sample, blood work and sensitivity tests (if required) should be done prior to the administration of any antibiotics, as there are various complications related to the uncertain use of antibiotics and other drugs to treat cat urinary tract problems.

A recurring cat bladder infection indicates that the problem is not simple, with another underlying cause making things more complicated. It can be any other systemic disease or even excessive use of antibiotics, glucocorticoids and mineral supplementation. Thus, along with getting a clinical diagnosis, a complete history is required to effectively treat this case.

Cosequin is a nutritional supplement which is effective for joint health and connective tissues. We are not sure why it is being used to treat a cat urinary bladder infection. It is a possible that your veterinarian recommended it to
strengthen the urinary bladder's superficial connective and soft tissues, and to restore bladder strength. Even so, this should only be considered a supportive measure. It can help to resolve the symptoms your cat is experiencing, but the underlying cause of the condition still has to be addressed, that's why the condition still persists.

If the feline urinary bladder infections persist or recurs, the cause should be probed with the help of more laboratory testing. You should ask for detailed culturing and isolation of a urinary sample and if required, go for a blood workup to confirm the presence of any other systemic disease.

Also, it is possible that if the condition is not handled properly, it can lead in the near future to prostate problems as well, Cat prostate problems are a more serious condition to tackle, so they are best avoided with the proper care of this feline urinary problem.

Here, we can suggest you offer your cat a lot of clean drinking water and make sure that it urinates frequently and in excess; it is very important that urine flows normally, so that chances of blockage or stagnancy is prevented and toxins are completely excreted. In food, try to offer your cat a simple diet that does not contain excessive minerals or salts as they'll only make the condition worse. You can continue using Cosequin, as it will support cellular health.

You can also try some natural remedies, which can support urinary tract and prostate health. For the urinary tract we suggest UTI Free and for the prostate, Prospet Drops.

Also, try some immunity boosters (preferably herbal), because most urinary tract problems occur only if the immune system is weakened. A good natural immunity booster for cats is Immunity and Liver Support.

Please keep us up to date on how you have resolved this cat bladder infection problem. Best of luck to you and your cat.

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Oct 29, 2011
Cat Cosequin Use
by: Anonymous

Cosequin is prescribed by vets because it has anti-inflammatory affects on the bladder. When there is no sign of infection (no bacteria or white blood cells), then there is no point in treating with antibiotics. Cosequin has been proven to help "calm down" the inflamed bladder.

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