Prevent Cat Scabies After Exposure

by Kathryn

What can I do to treat my "indoor" (unspayed) cat who escaped last night to mate with a feral Tom we recently observed that has scabies? I washed her well and applied some antibiotic lotion to small breaks in the skin. There must be a way to prevent the mites from infiltrating the skin?

Anyone know what that is? Please advise

ALSO: What actions should I take with this poor unfortunate feral to best protect the Tom and our neighborhood cats?


Editor Suggestion on how to Prevent Feline Scabies When a Cat is Exposed to an Infected Cat

Feline scabies or notoedric mange is caused by a species of opportunistic mites. This can be transmitted from one cat to the other only on contact. It can cause mild to severe symptoms, depending upon the size of the infestation and the immune status of the acquiring cat.

Your cat is certainly at risk and if the male cat had a mites infestation, and surely your cat has acquired a few of those mites. Simply, your cat is now probably a carrier.

Usually, Notoedres cati or the causative mite only causes clinical symptoms if there is a large population of mites on the cat. Symptoms are exhibited spontaneously at the moment that the infestation gets large enough. Also, these mites can cause mild itching and irritation over human skin as well.

We recommended that you
follow preventive measures, which includes preventive lime sulfur dips, done 3x in 10 day intervals. You can purchase this type of dip without a prescription online from Naturasil .

Also, use a quality herbal shampoo like Clean Cat Shampoo to bathe your cat, and initially bathe her at least twice a week. Then, 1x a week after completion of the preventive lime sulfur dips.

In a broader preventive approach, disinfect your cat's, i.e. floors and other places your cat roams with a quality disinfectant spray such as Benzarid. Similarly, wash all clothing and bedding in hot water, combined with a quality detergent.

Disinfection is not only essential for your cat's health, but also for humans too.

For that feral male tom, it is required that it be specifically treated with several lime sulfur dips and additional bathing with herbal shampoos. Additionally, localized symptoms such as itching, lesions etc should be treated by applying a dermal skin creams/gels/lotions such as Dermasol. For treatment to be successful, you would have to adopt and train that feral male to make it indoor and docile. Treatment will never succeed if it remains outdoors most of the time.

If you can adopt, treat and train that cat, it will be fine. But, if you can't, it is always better to admit such animals to a nearby animal shelter.

We hope this helps prevent any feline scabies problems with your cat.

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Oct 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Why are you making the cure so complicated.. I have treated many ferals with ivermectin in their food, two weeks apart. On a household pet ivermectin and revolution do a beautiful job of clearing it up, also dosing two weeks after the first dose. What you fail to tell people how long you should avoid contact with your pet.

I have been doing TNR for years, and believe me Ivermectin works just fine.

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