Outdoor Cat Skin Problem by Ears and Eyes

by Michelle
(Freedom, Wisconsin)

About a week ago, I noticed our cats fur had been matted down. I thought he was wet, but when I looked closer, I noticed he had blood and skin torn away by his ear.

It seemed to clear up a little, but now it appears to be back and worsening (its on the other side of his face too).

Can you tell me if this is a cat skin condition or problem? I don't know much about cats (first one) and I am unsure if he had a run in with another animal or if he is scratching at himself (we have not seen the latter occur but he may be doing it when we are not home).

I have attached a picture and have more I can email!

Thanks so much!


Editor Suggestions Cat Skin Condition Near Eye and Ear

Dear Michelle,

Sorry to hear about your outdoor cat eye and ear skin problem. Here's some general information and specific steps you can take to help the skin heal.

Cats usually groom themselves to keep the fur/coat clear of becoming matted and also to reduce the chance of any progressing skin problem. However, in some cases, due to stress and discomfort cats may cause self injury leading to skin bruises and traumas. In such cases, as a behavior, it is also possible that other cats may scratch or worsen the condition of mild injuries over the skin.

Though it cannot be confirmed that what exactly has caused this, this feline skin condition will continue to get worse over time. It is also possible that secondary complications such as bacterial infections and possible cellular necrosis (death) can lead to an anatomical deformity and some type of generalized problem for your cat, if it is not treated properly.

Remember, it is very important to handle this condition properly, otherwise it can cause secondary complications that are a direct result of the cat skin problem such as infection.

The best approach is to consult a nearby veterinarian to treat the condition at the clinic and if required, specific treatment can be done.

In case you are unable to visit a veterinarian and you or anyone in your family decide to treat the cat wound yourself, we recommend that you purchase a first aid kit containing all the basic components to treat wounds.
A well supplied cat first aid kit is the Me-ow First Aid Kit for Cats.

Follow these instructions for cat wound treatment:

1. Clip all the extra hair around the cat skin wound. The affected area needs to be free of any dust and debris etc. Initially use a normal saline solution to clean the area and thereafter clear the area from microbes by using a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution in normal saline.

2. After clearing the area, make sure that the inner part of the ear is also clear of any debris, odor or any unusual development. You can use an ear wash solution to clear the ears. We strongly recommend that you also administer a natural remedy to the affected cat ear such as Ear Dr., so that microbial growth within the ear can be controlled.

3. After clearing the cat wound surface and inner part of the ear, apply hydr0cortisone and antibiotic cream, included in the cat first aid kit. This will help the ear to heal and keep the area clear of infection causing microbes.

4. It is usually not required in isolated and indoor cats to apply a bandage, but if you feel it is necessary, apply a bandage. Regularly clean the surface and inner parts of the ear as instructed above, and monitor the healing process. If you notice the development of any pus, excessive bleeding and any unusual symptoms, consult a nearby veterinarian for observation.

5. Additionally, to improve skin and immune health, it is important to use a supportive remedy, to enhance recovery and prevent any secondary complications. We recommend a herbal remedy such as Skin and Coat Tonic for this purpose, which should be regularly used.

6. Remember, these first aid tips are for support only. Only treat the wound yourself if you are confident that you can provide the proper care as described above. If you do see a veterinarian, you can use the supportive remedies described above (for ear and skin) along with the specific treatment applied by your veterinarian.

7.Also, if you need a regular dematter/grooming tool for your cats, use a quality product such as the tool offered by Groomax, which should not cause damage to your cat's skin.

Best wishes to you and your cat. Please keep us up to date on the healing process for this cat skin wound.

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