Nerve damage Affect Hair Growth?

by Rebecca
(Dallas, Texas)

Reader Question: Can cat nerve damage affect hair growth?

I have a small Siamese little girl. Back in November she was ran over by a car, but by the grace of God, she survived. She had many vet appointments, and at one, they shaved her back to check for wounds. The hair still has not grown back.

I was just wondering if nerve damage could affect this? Will the hair ever grow back?

Thank You,


Vet’s input on progress of cat hair re-growth

Hi Rebecca,

I wouldn’t expect nerve damage to affect hair growth. In my experience, when an animal has been very ill or injured, hair re-growth seems to take a back seat to more pressing concerns. It’s almost like the body prioritizes its limited resources, directing them to where they will do the most good. Once she’s had a chance to recover and regain her strength, I suspect her fur will return, although it may be a different color or texture.

Hormonal disorders can adversely affect the cycle of hair re-growth so it might be worth a follow-up with your vet if the problem doesn’t resolve on its own, but I wouldn’t worry too much about this problem unless she is acting “off” in other ways,.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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