Myasis also known as Fly Strike

by Korey
(Rome, NY)

A horrendous condition where flys infect the open sore areas of the animal (anal area is especially susceptible due to urine and fecal matter) with deposits of larve that will hatch into maggots. The maggots will consume the flesh around the area of infestation not only fecal and waste matter (dead tissue) but also including healthy tissue. This conditon can become serious if not treated quickly due to the breakdown of tissue, the rate of the maggot activity and an introduction of toxic enzymes produced by the maggots. This is a situation that effected my cat during his late stage of illness due to his constant diarrhea (which seems to attrack a large number of flys). He was put to sleep before it became too serious but if left untreated for even a short period of time he would have been consumed by the maggots. This seems to effect cats and other animals that are already unhealthy due to other health issues and who are outdoor animals during hot summer months. If you notice maggots around any open sore or anal area seek a vets advice as soon as possible.

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