Lasting Hair Ball Sounding Cat Cough Problem

by Michaela

Cat with Lasting Cat Cough Problem - Picture of T.C.

Cat with Lasting Cat Cough Problem - Picture of T.C.

Looking at a reader's question, "Cat Cough Caused by a Hairball. What Should I do?"

"My cat sounds like he is about to cough up the worlds largest hairball, but then doesn't hack up anything...just keeps making the noise and stretching his neck out"

"used to happen every once in a blue moon, but it's happened twice in the past two days and he wouldn't stop until i came over and comforted him."

This sounds like what my cat, currently age 12, is experiencing. But, this type of thing has been going on for years and just recently gotten worse. In the early years(3-5 years ago), he would cough once or twice a month, so we saw no problem with it, just thought that it was a normal cough. Now it seems like an everyday occurrence, or every other day.

I worry more and more about it, that it may be lung cancer. But, I also think that it may be allergies or he is doing it for attention. Some times when he is coughing, I bring over the cat brush, on the second stroke of the brush, he stops. I recently moved and cannot find the brush, so I go to comfort him and it lasts a 1-2 minutes. I tried using something to replace it until I can find the brush and he stopped right away.

I am trying to save up to take him to the vet and find out what is wrong.

Editor Suggestions for Cat Cough

Cats may develop respiratory problems, which appear to be caused by anything from allergies to lung cancer. Similarly, hair balls are another more
common problem in cats, since cats have a self grooming habit.

Coughing, wheezing, respiratory discomfort and the development of progressive cat respiratory problems may represent some type of serious underlying problem.

Also, since your cat is now a senior, it is prone to any condition as the immune system weakens with age. Regular routine self management is not possible for such pets, therefore they need more attention and assistance from the owner.

Though the picture suggests that your cat is in good health at this age, this feline respiratory problem, whether it is minor or major (we suspect some serious underlying cause) should be confirmed through a detailed examination and laboratory testing. It can then be treated specifically by a veterinarian.

Additionally, since your cat is older, try to spare more time for her and make sure that you groom your cat regularly.

For the time being, to support the respiratory and immune system, we suggest that you only administer natural remedies. These remedies will help to reduce the severity of symptoms. For example, products like Amazapet will help the body maintain normal respiratory function and others such as Immunity and Liver Support will help to improve the immune status of your pet.

Also, these remedies are pure as they are extracted from herbs, therefore they are safe and do not require any prescription at all. You only have to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Best wishes to you and your cat as you treat the cat cough condition. Try these natural remedies and be sure to get a specific diagnosis and treatment plan from your veterinarian.

Please keep us up to date on your cat's condition.

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