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by Veronica

How can I treat a 7 week kitten with mange?

The vet has diagnosed mange for my little 7 week old kitten, but the treatment he gave me is Frontline spray, but applied as a lotion on each lesion 3 times a week for 15 days, as the kitten is still very small. Is there a more effective treatment for my kittens to discuss with the vet.?


Kitten Mange Cat Health Guide Editor Commnet

Dear Veronica,

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about your kitten with mange.

Frontline Spray is a quality product, which contains “Fipronil” as the active ingredient. For treatment of mange in cats, a 9% fipronil preparation, in any form, i.e. spray, ointment, cream or lotion is considered to be the most suitable solution. It has proven to be very effective for kittens as well.

Like any drug, fipronil being an active insecticide does possess some potential side effects, but it is the product that is used as the specific treatment approach for mange in cats as well as dogs. It is also used for controlling other parasites as such as fleas, ticks, lice etc.

In case you are not satisfied or have reservations about the product or formula, it is good to discuss this with your veterinarian. I am sure your veterinarian must have prescribed Frontline spray based on the status of the condition.

As an alternative, you can mention another product called “Revolution”, which can be used to treat kitten mange.

I'd suggest that you not make any change to your veterinarian's prescription. However, you can discuss the formulation and dosage.

For additional support, you can try using a natural remedy such as Clean Cat Shampoo. This will not only help to control the parasitic infestation, but also will help to maintain your kitten's skin health and help to reduce the effect of any specific drug.

Also, as you haven’t mentioned, if your veterinarian hasn’t recommended that you disinfect of your home and belongings of your kitten, discuss that as well. Wash all belongings with hot water & a quality detergent. For the home and environment, you can use a quality disinfectant spray such as Benzarid to ensure that the mange doesn't return after treatment.

Please keep us up to date on the kitten mange problem.

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