Kitten Mange and Diarrhea

by Michelle
(South Africa, Johannesburg)

Reader Question Regarding Cat Mange and Diarrhea:

We picked up a severely dehydrated kitten that also has a serious bacterial infection. The vet gave him antibiotics, electrolytes and something to help the flora.

He started coming right but then his ears flared up with bumps (like skin blisters) which broke and formed scabs. His condition worsened where he did not want to eat or drink.

The vet gave him a cortisone injection, a double dose of antibiotics (which is now his 4th round of antibiotics) and a shampoo. He has now developed diarrhea. Is this related to the bacterial infection or medication? Is it necessary to take him for further treatment or will it come right? (the cat feces has a bad smell to it)

Editor Comment

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your question.

As kittens have a relatively undeveloped immune system as compared to adult cats, they tend to be more sensitive. Moreover, they need special care when being treated. The initial approach taken which included treating any dehydration and bacterial infection was the correct approach. Your kitten recovered, but due to the suppressed immune system your kitten then developed an ear problem.

The second round of treatment shows that the kitten had suffered from inflammation, related to bacterial invasion. Cortisone is a steroid hormone, which suppresses the immune system and reduces an
inflammatory response, while antibiotics on other hand were supposed to treat any primary or secondary bacterial infections.

In my opinion, your kitten got this problem due to an intense medication. Cortisone and antibiotics in such high doses can surely result in a gastrointestinal problem. Due to the diarrhea, it is possible that your kitten would get dehydrated, which can eventually cause shock or even sudden death.

Antibiotics are used in a limited quantity and for a restricted period of time, so antibiotics should not be administered any more after this course/dosage has been completed. Moreover, at this stage your kitten needs more supportive care.

You should administer a lot of water to prevent dehydration. In addition, to control the diarrhea you can try a natural remedy such as RunnyPoo Relief and an anti-diarrrheal such as KP Anti Diarrhea Liquid for Pets.

For added immune system support consider also using a remedy such as Immunity & Liver Support Formula.

Along with these types of remedies, add some yogurt to the kitten’s food. It will help to reduce any side effects of the antibiotics associated with diarrhea.

All of these approaches combined should help restore your kitten's health. If you find that your kitten's symptoms continue or become worse, consult your veterinarian.

Best of luck to you and your kitten. Please let us know how he does.

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