Hyperthyroidism and Cat Eye Discharge

My cat is taking Vidalta 10mg dose but since the T4 level very low now trying to give it every 36 hours. The cat eye problem went away for a week and came back to find both eyes weeping badly and with a horrible rusty brown coloured discharge.

Cleaned it up on Sunday with a little salt dissolved in warm water, but today it seems to be back.

Should I get antibiotics?

Vet Suggestion

Hello there,

Antibiotics would only be effective if your cat has a bacterial eye infection. This is possible but certainly not the only potential cause of eye discharge like you describe. Other possibilities include trauma, foreign material in the eyes, viral infections or even a response to low thyroid levels.

Your best option is to talk to the veterinarian who has been working with your cat for his or her hyperthyroidism. He or she will probably want to perform a physical and ophthalmological exam and possible a few simple tests like an eye stain to look for wounds or ulcers on the surface of the eyes, a tear production test, and an eye pressure check before recommending treatment.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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