Growing Mole Below Cat Eye Duct

by Ann
(Tracy, CA)

My old persian has a black mole that has been slowly growing larger, below her inner eye duct, slowly in the past 5-6 years.

She has had an infection behind her other eye last year, which we were told she was too old to have an operation. LUCKILY with medication, her infection cleared up and she has been doing great.

Her mole looks like a perfectly round black bubble... which has just recently grown a little more.

What can this be... and is there anything we can do to alleviate what inside?

The vet hasn't mentioned any concerns, but I don't trust our small town vet.

Editor Suggestion Cat Mole below feline eye duct

Dear Ann,

If the cat eye mass has been in place for five to six years and is growing slowly and doesn’t seem to bothering her, it is probably nothing to worry about. An aggressive type of cancer should have caused big problems by this point, so that is not very likely.

Finding out what the mass is would take a biopsy of some sort, and because of its location near the eye, sedation or anesthesia would be necessary. Old-age alone isn’t enough to make me say that surgery and anesthesia with appropriate support and monitoring is off the table, but if your cat does have health problems, it could certainly be risky.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Apr 20, 2012
16 .5 yr old Persian Cat
by: Anonymous

I Have a 16.5 year old wonderful persian male cat and he too has developed a few moles ( black bubble in appearance) around his lower eye area. They do not seem to bother him and he has not underlying health issues.

Is this common in their breed due to the structure and shape of their face and breathing etc?

I too,have been told by a vet that there is no concern but wanted second opinion. I also do not want to subject him to any sedation unless aboslutely necessary.
Any suggestions or comments woyuld be most appreciated.


(Boo's Mom)

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