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by Dorothy

Reader Question: My cat has a flea infestation and I believe she is now anemic from them. I have tried Hartz Ultra Guard for fleas one spot treatment for a few months and the fleas must like it because there are so many on her now, her gums and nose are white and she is lying in odd places, like her litter box etc. I don't have the money for a vet as I am a 73 yr old senior. any suggestions would be so helpful.

Editor Answer: Thank you for your question about how to get rid of fleas on your cat. Unfortunately, most pet owners usually ignore some of the basic requirements of how to kill fleas.

Fleas can only be treated through a multi dimensional approach, i.e. treatment of the affected pet and also disinfection of the surrounding environment such as your home. Treatment for cat fleas should include killing fleas that are living on all of the cat's belongings and in the cat's and your environment or home. This step is mandatory.

Hartz UltraGuard Plus
is an effective option, but you should remember that a product can only be effective if applied properly. One full course of this product is effective to keep fleas under control for seven days. This means that another course is usually required along with disinfection of the environment. Note that Hartz Guard (Collar and topical preparations) is an effective option, however it contains the active ingredient "Tetrachlorvinphos", which is an organophosphate and relatively toxic if used for a long period of time, so in my opinion we'd suggest using an equally effective
alternative. This is particularly the case when your cat is not being observed by a veterinarian who could point out any adverse symptoms.

As an alternative, we'd prefer that you use a product that contains Permethrin as the active ingredient, such as Zodiac Spot On Plus for Cats, which is relatively safe and effective.

In addition to a Permethrin based spot on, consider using natural remedies to help reduce the effects of any cat flea symptoms. These types of products can also be effective and safe in helping to rid your cat of fleas. Choose a high quality herbal shampoo for bathing your cat such as the one offered by Naturasil, and then apply a soothing anti flea preparation such as FleaDerm. Repeated topical application of these products as per the manufacturers direction will surely reduce the symptoms of flea infestation.

In order to strengthen your cat’s immune system and treat feline anemia, you can also use a natural formula that supports the liver and immune system such as LiverAid Formula.

In addition, you should disinfect your cat's belongings and the environment using a product such as Benzarid. The fleas in the environment, such as your home, hide out and then jump back onto cats after they are treated. Consider using a quality disinfection product, which can be sprayed around your house to eliminate the entire flea population. Wash all fabrics and all cat belongings such as toys and sleeping areas with warm water and detergent.

Also, be careful when you handle or apply preparations to your cat. Cat fleas can infest humans too and can cause mild to severe skin rashes.

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