Cyst on Cat Ovary

by Elaine and Vet Suggestion
(Gum Spring, VA)

Reader Question regarding cyst on cat ovary

I had our 4 month old kitten spayed today and the vet said it was a great time to do it because she had a huge cyst on her ovary that was close to bursting. How common is this in kittens/cats.

Vet Suggestion Cyst on Cat Ovary


I’ve never seen a large ovarian cyst when spaying a young cat but have heard stories from many colleagues who have so I think the condition would fall into the “not uncommon” category.

I bet your cat is much happier now without the cyst. If it was that big, it would have to have been uncomfortable. I’m not sure that your cat would have been in danger if the cyst had ruptured before surgery. The fluid inside should have been sterile and would probably have just been absorbed by her body.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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