Cutting Cat Hair

"Cutting cat hair shouldn't be necessary if you are combing and grooming your cat regularly. A cat's skin is very delicate so using anything sharp to cut hair can be dangerous. Consider using blunt scissors or a professional groom if matting is an issue."

Many people wonder about cutting cat hair, especially if their cat has long hair, and especially in the summer time when it’s hot out. It’s generally not necessary to cut your cat’s hair, though. Your cat’s hair can actually help keep her cool. It protects her skin from the sun. Cats don’t sweat, so they need that protection. It keeps her from getting sunburned, as well.

We do not recommend using anything sharp near the skin of your cat. A cat's hair is like tissue paper. Many owners have actually cut their cats skin without knowing it, particularly when grooming mats.

Cat Hair Matting Home Remedy

If your cat’s fur gets matted and you can’t untangle it, or she gets something stuck in it, you might have to do a little trim. If you need to use scissors, use blunt scissors (so you don’t accidentally cut her if she doesn’t cooperate and hold still for you) and cut the affected fur away. Regular grooming should prevent matting from becoming a regular problem. One home remedy for matting is to rub a good amount of corn starch (bakery kind is fine from supermarket)) on the mat. Keep the corn starch on the area for fifteen minutes. Then comb it out.

Some longhaired cats have problems with their bottoms. They may get feces caught in their fur. If this is the case, you may want to cut the hair on your cat’s bottom. You shouldn’t have to worry about her getting sunburned there, and you don’t need to cut a large area. You’ll use electric clippers for this job, not scissors. Read on to find out how to do it, but if you can use a professional groom because cats in general do not like sitting still for grooming.

Cat Hair Clippers

If you are going to be cutting cat hair, use electric clippers that are especially designed for use on pets. Turn them on and let your cat get used to the sound. Let her sniff them. You can also buy scissors made specifically for cat trimming such as  Millers Forge pet trimming shears or a cordless electric trimmer for head and face such as the Wahl Stylique® Designer/Liner Pet Trimmer.

Another helpful aide is the Oster Home Grooming Kit which comes with an instructional DVD. It should not be used for first time grooming, but good for maintaining the groomed look after you had a professional cut your cat's hair.

How to Cut Cat Hair

Sit with your cat in the crook of your arm and use your arm to pin her to your side. Hopefully she’ll stay put, and you’ll be less likely to get scratched this way. Realize, though, that your cat may not want a hair cut and may be less than cooperative.

Use the cat hair clipper to cut your cat’s hair, moving them in the direction that the hair grows. This is important, as you’ll be less likely to nick your cat’s skin this way.

If for some reason you are cutting cat hair on a large portion of your cat’s body, you may find it helpful to stop partway through to give both of you a break, then resume again a short time later.

Of course, you can always take your cat to a professional groomer for a hair cut, if one is necessary. Ask your vet to recommend a qualified cat groomer in your area.

You might also want to consider the appearance of your cat's coat. One approach would be to try a natural dietary supplement made for this purpose such as PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic for Healthy Skin and a Glossy Coat in Pets.

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