Cat worms round and hook

by Erin kirby
(Los angeles)

Can treating my cat for worms if he doesn't have them hurt him???



Worms and their eggs are always present in cats and in the environment. They cause clinical or notable symptoms only if a large population of worms infests a cat, otherwise small populations are always there, which can cause minor damage to cats i.e. worms use nutrients, blood, and energy needed by the cat and degrade a cat’s health discreetly, which is considered to be more dangerous then the onset of symptoms.

So, it’s always recommended to prevent these minor populations of worms, to maintain best possible health of your cat.

It is recommended that a kitten must be regularly administered preventive doses of a quality anti-helmintic (deworming medication available by prescription such as Drontal for Cats) during the ages 6 – 16 weeks, provided 3 weeks apart. Thereafter, cats should be given adequate preventive doses every 3 months. This approach will not only kill any existing worms, but will also control eggs and the larvae of worms.

This will help the cat get maximum energy and nutrients, thus many other conditions can be prevented with this tactic. There is a possibility that some kittens and even adults will not tolerate or react badly to preventive doses of therapeutic agents such as anti-helmintics. For such cats, herbal and homeopathic products are recommended, which can keep the digestive tract clear of worms or their eggs. These natural remedies are usually used along with reduced doses of preventive anti-helmintics, and are for support only.

One natural product made for this purpose is Parasite Dr. Capsules . Each capsule contains homeopathic (natural) ingredients that are known to naturally expel internal parasites such as worms.

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