Cat With Frequent Sneezing and Watery Eye

by Libby
(Picton, Ontario Canada)

My female cat has been sneezing for 4 - 5 days and has had a very watery eye.

I have been cleaning the eye discharge with kleenex. Otherwise she is eating normally and is behaving as usual. The weather has been damp and cold for a few days, so I'm keeping her in. I think she might have a slight fever.

Is it time to take her to the vets?

Vet Suggestion: Treating a Cat Cold

Hi Libby,

You are right on the edge of the time frame when I think a cat with the symptoms you describe should be taken in to see the doctor. I can’t diagnose what is going on specifically with your cat without an exam, but from your description it sounds like an upper respiratory infection is likely.

Most of these clear-up on their own in otherwise healthy adult cats (kind of a like a human cold). In the meantime you are doing the right thing by keeping her inside, wiping her nose and eyes to keep her comfortable and eating, and watching her closely.

If your cat starts acting like she doesn’t feel well (e.g., loss of appetite or energy), if her symptoms are getting worse rather than better, or if she doesn’t appear to be recovering in another few days, take her in to the vet’s office.

Assuming you are dealing with an upper respiratory infection and depending on the microorganism to blame, there may be medications available that would help speed her recovery.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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