Cat Will Not Take Giardia Medication

by Jerri C. Huber
(West Milford, NJ)

My 15 month old female cat was just diagnosed with Giardia. Vet gave me Panacur Suspension vials to use for treatment. I am 77 with some arthritis in my hands. I find it impossible to hold her and get this med into her mouth without getting badly scratched. I have tried the towel attack (wrapping her) but she wiggles free.

I live alone.

Is there some way that the bitter taste of the meds can be disguised so that I can add it to her food?

Also, she is an outdoor cat and I have a brook in the back of my house. This parasite can be an ongoing thing with her. Any suggestions would be most helpful but right now it is impossible for me to treat her with Panacur Suspension.

I'd like to get some insight from you before going back to my vet.

Thank you.

Veterinarian Suggestion: Administering Cat Giardiasis Medication

Hello Jerri,

Giving cats oral medications is not always easy, as you have unfortunately found out. A compounding pharmacy may be able to reformulate one of the several medications used to treat Giardia in cats in such a way that it could be mixed with a small amount of tasty food and she would eat it. Some veterinary offices will also make their technicians available for house calls for a small fee. Call your veterinarian and explain your situation; he or she should be able to help you come up with a solution.

Hopefully this will not become an ongoing situation for you. Chronic giardiasis in cats is often a sign of an underlying health problem. Also, if a cat carries Giardia parasites in its digestive tract but does not have any clinical signs associated with their presence, treatment may not be necessary.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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