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by Anonymous

i have a male cat who been gone for three days. He then came back weak and hungry.

We feed him, but could he could not eat for two or three days. The cat urine has turned orange reddish.

What can i do to help him get better and stay healthy?

Editor Suggestion - cat urine turned color


Your cat is going to need a physical exam and some diagnostic testing to know exactly what is going on, but one possibility is a disease called hepatic lipidosis.

If a cat, especially if he is overweight, stops eating for a long enough period of time, his liver can be overwhelmed by the mobilization of his fat reserves. This impairs the ability of the liver to function, making him feel even sicker and less likely to eat, which creates a vicious cycle.

To break the cycle, the cat has to start eating, but this is often easier said than done. Many cats will resist force feeding (you can try a product like Nutri-Cal for cats at home).

You may need to have a tube placed into their gastrointestinal tract through which a slurried food can be passed. Sometimes this nutritional support needs to continue for weeks before a cat will start eating on his own. Medications that help the liver heal can also be helpful.

Best of luck to you and your cat. Please keep us on up to date your cats condition.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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