Cat Urinary Stones After Changing Diet

by Love My Cats

My cat recently suffered from feline urinary stones and had to go to the vet. He ended up staying for a whole week which was stressful for him.

The first signs I actually noticed changes in cat behavior such as acting abnormally quiet and he would not like being patted along his back. Then he would wake me up in the morning by biting and scratching, obviously trying to tell me something is wrong.

Then one day I found him in a lot of pain meowing and he curled up beside the bed. The cause of all this was because I changed his diet to dry food - big mistake that was!!

But since then I've been very careful to avoid dry food and processed food with chemical additives e.g.; preservative, colouring, flavouring and by products such as wheat,corn etc.

I found my cats drink excessive amounts of water when having dry food (this is ANY dry food whether PH balanced or not), which i knew can't be a natural thing. One of my cats would dip his paw into the water and then lick it off. I find a raw food diet for them works best, one of my cats cannot tolerate beef mince as well so i use chicken instead. I use chicken necks to keep their teeth healthy with chewing, not forgetting the EFA's as well.

So if your cat is doing something strange, do look at his diet and try to listen to what he's saying. Animals are designed to live the way nature intended so anything which doesn't fit that category will likely unbalance their system causing disease. Disease is a sign that something in the body needs re-balancing. You can also use reiki/small animal bowen therapy and homeopathy to really help the cause.

Editor Comment on Your Experience

Thank your for sharing this helpful story.

Here's another way to think about the cat bladder stone problem you just experienced.

Disease is an abnormality in the body function (physiology) of an organism. This can be anything, caused by various infectious, non infectious and congenital factors. The surrounding environment plays an important role in pathogenesis (development of disease).

Clinical symptoms, history and laboratory tests are some tools used to identify the exact cause of a disease, which is then treated specifically according to the identified cause and the related symptoms.

A condition such as cat urinary stones, as you describe in this case, relates to a medical abnormality, which can be caused by various reasons. Most commonly, this is related to mineral accumulation, which may occur due to food, urinary tract insufficiency, the medium/condition of the urinary tract, age, breed and many other factors.

Out of these so many factors, one has to identify the exact cause of the cat urinary problem, which according to
the result you described, was the cat food. So, this condition should have been treated not only with the elimination of any cat urinary stones, but also with a modification of the cat's diet to prevent any future complications.

Also, in addition, to reduce stress on the body caused by periods of disease and during the treatment phase, supportive measures are used. This is the simple process of healing, which may involve the use of therapeutics, surgery, disease management and care, which often involves the modification of food, the addition of supplements and by taking good care of your cats.

Cat food is vitally important in the physiology of a cat's body. It is true that not only animals, but humans as well are designed to live the way nature intended. But, it should be remembered that animals/humans require certain environmental conditions and ingredients (food etc) to live. So, one cannot deny the importance of food, not only in maintaining a healthy condition, but also during a disease condition. One should consult a nutritionist or a veterinarian to get information about the requirements of pet's body and available quality foods. Adjustments made in cat food during a disease condition is a more crucial matter, which should never be practiced by an owner on his/her own. There are over 40 components in cat food that need to be precisely managed.

In addition to food, cats derive a good portion of the water they need from the food itself, which is also a behavior from the wild. When you switched to dry food, you inadvertently removed an important source of moisture. Canned foods for example are a much better source of moisture/water for cats.

Treatment approaches depend upon the condition, all available options to treat a disease, whether its reiki, homeopathic, herbal, modern medicine or any operative requirement depends upon the cause of condition. All of these approaches are based upon a certain logic, which should be practiced accordingly. But, it should always be remembered that specific therapy requires exact healing and cause elimination logic, which in modern times is only suitable to be done in light of modern medical research and approaches.

Alternative medicine is a term commonly used for herbal, reiki, homeopathic and various other treatment approaches, which are effective and safe, but modern researchers do not believe that they are a specific treatment for a certain diagnosed disease. However, they are effective, safe and can be practiced as supportive options to enhance recovery and heal properly.

In terms of homeopathy, we prefer the products offered by Pet Alive, as they have a track record of safety and are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Again, thanks for sharing your story and we are glad to hear that with dietary change you were able to correct the cat urinary stone problem.

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