Cat Tapeworm Treatment

I have been caring for a feral cat for about a year. He appears to have developed Tapeworms (small, white, looking like rice)and I am looking for a remedy. He refuses to be trapped for a veterinary evaluation.

Answer Cat Tapeworm Treatment:

Tapeworm infestation is common in cats infested with fleas, and cats who are outdoors and roam around or depend on prey (such as birds, mice etc/). As far yours feral cat is concerned, it is a possibility that he must be roaming around and been preying habitually. Treating such cats usually requires not only medication but a preventive and behavioral approach as well.

You must restrict your cats outdoor activities and if you haven’t yet trained it for domestication, do it now. Additionally, try to keep your cat groomed at all times and provide a hygienic environment.

Different remedies are available, therapeutic agents called “Anti – Helmintics” are usually administered by prescription only, while herbal and/or homeopathic remedies can be administered according to manufacturer’s direction, as these are relatively safe. Homeopathic preparations can be used as the “Base” or primary treatment and herbal remedy as a supportive component.

In terms of products that can be used as a "base", Droncit Dewormer for Cats, is a prescription tablet that is used as a dewormer in cats.

An alternative base homeopathic preparation that is available without a prescription is HomeoPet Wrm Clear. This product is safe, and will also work for the removal cat tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. This product should be used with a supportive product such as the one mentioned below. If the prescription approach using Droncit is not available, this combination would be a viable alternative.

For added support, you can use Parasite Dr. Capsules in addition to one of the dewormers listed above. Parasite Dr. is a homeopathic product that is a supportive therapy which contains natural ingredients thought to help the cat's body expel worms such as tape worm, heart worm and round worm naturally.

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Oct 10, 2009
feral cat and tapeworm
by: Debra R

I don't think this cat will ever be domesticated. I have tried over the past year but am now resigned to the fact that he is a true feral cat. Because he can't be trapped for a veterinary evaluation I am unable to obtain a prescription for medications. Your information about herbal remedies and non-prescription meds is very helpful.

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