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Jan 27, 2011
by: elaine

Found other few things quite helpful in recovering cats with feline skin problems:
Getting a shampoo that contains benzoyl peroxide.
Promote the body's healing with antioxidant supplements. Vitamin Bs also help, as do the Omegas e.g. fish oil.

Jan 28, 2011
Thank you for the advice...
by: Anonymous


We tried switching food from chicken based Nutrience Adult Supreme to Nutrience Adult Duck Fish and Brown Rice. What else would you suggest (available in Canada) for a hypoallergenic food?

I have always suspected that food allergy could be the problem. The problem seems to have moved from his forehead and ears to his eyelids. The other possible cause is also allergy based, it could be that he is quite fond of rubbing his face on ours is that he could be allergic to colognes or perfumes that he is contracting from that.

We have been treating the problem with daily rubs of witches hazel. It heals the outbreaks quickly as an astringent but they come back often. The stress of a new kitten seems to have aggravated the problem.

Any advice that you have that does not involve expensive diagnostic testing would be appreciated.


Editor Comment

Hi Adam,

Regarding your food trial, make sure that your new ?duck, fish and rice? food does not also contain chicken, beef, wheat, soy, or corn. Some pet foods advertise that they contain ingredients commonly thought of us ?hypoallergenic,? but they still contain many of these common allergens.

Food trials sometimes need to continue for three months or so before you can say definitively whether or not they have been successful (i.e., a cat?s symptoms have completely resolved). And remember, your cat cannot eat anything else during this time: no treats, table scraps, milk, etc.

Another option for food is a diet that contains hydrolyzed protein and highly digestible carbohydrates. One that I commonly recommend is Hill's z/d. It is available by prescription only.

If your cat's condition isn't improving despite all you are doing, the most cost effective way of finding out what is wrong might be a trip to the veterinary dermatologist. Although many people are scared away by the cost associated with seeing a specialist, a quick diagnosis and effective treatment can be the cheapest way to go in the long run.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

Apr 15, 2011
My Cat Has A similar thing
by: caren gittleman


My cat has something similar and the vet is treating him for a food allergy. He has been eating Royal Canin rabbit and pea (both wet and dry) since August and it is helping...

He still gets some larger bumps under his used prednizone...may have to repeat that...overall he is much better than he was...could be environmental as well.

Good luck!

Dec 14, 2011
Egyptian Sphinyx skin problem
by: Anonymous

I know this is a very late comment but I have a hairless kitten and I am going through the same problems with her,I have done everything you have and we are on our second bout of antibiotics,she eats fine and is active and the spots look exactly what your cat has,I have been using calamine lotion to help the spots,she doesn't scratch at them,but around her ears and neck she does,the vet said its yeast and some other infection,same with mine gets better for a bit then just goes back the same,I am worried about keeping her on so many antibotics for so long,

I was just wondering if you ever came up with a cure or a solution to the problem

thanks JoJo

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